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The Gold Standard in Respiratory Fit Testing

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QUANTIFIT - The Gold Standard in Respiratory Fit Testing

How it works!

The Quantifit utilizes a controlled negative pressure inside the mask and has proven to be the fastest and most accurate, and most health protective fit test system available.

Easy to use

Quantifit takes the user through the test protocol step-by-step so that there is no guess-work, and no time needed to re-instruct the employee being tested.

Proven Technology

The OHD Quantifit is a highly specialized instrument which utilizes the scientifically-proven and patented CNP (Controlled Negative Pressure) technology.

Quantifit Training Videos

Our new Quantifit Training Video is now available. View the Quantifit training video to learn about Controlled Negative Pressure technology and how easy it is to perform a respirator fit test.

OHD Quantifit Fit Tester

The CNP Advantage of the Quantifit

How CNP technology compares to the Aerosol technology.
To help you better understand the advantages of using CNP technology, let’s take a look at the shortcomings of the most-used quantitative fit […]

The Quantifit Advantage

While old technologies are sometimes hard to give up because, “we’ve just always done it that way,” the OHD Quantifit offers an impressive array of advantages that can dramatically improve […]

CNP Technology

CNP technology gives you a direct measurement of respirator leakage quickly and accurately regardless of the source. The sampling biases related to aerosol concentration, lung deposition, and streamlining, are completely eliminated, giving you a greater degree of confidence in your fit test decisions.

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